Is there an obviously benign foot lesion without dermoscopy?

How can a lesion “obviously” be benign without dermoscopy? For example a lesion might have the charateristics of milia-like cysts, and comedo-like openings we all think is a seborrheic keratosis. Yet only through dermoscopy can one under polarized light see that the vascular structures might not have a white halo around hairpin vessels. What if under nonpolarized dermoscopy a blue white veil is seen in what you thought was a seborrehic keratosis? If such a blue-white veil is asymmetrically placed and has a dark blue color I would be concerned.

All a podiatrist really needs is to spend 2 hours at the dermfoot lecture with Dr. Marghoob. They may not be trained to diagnose specific structures yet they will be taught some basic screening method as to when to biopsy and when not to.

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